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Rahul is the founder of Core Quest Fitness and leads the team in San Antonio. His background as a physician, specialized in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Christian Medical College, Vellore – consistently ranked among India’s top 3 medical universities – makes him uniquely positioned to help his clients. He transitioned from rehabilitation medicine to fitness with the understanding that exercise and nutrition coaching have a vital role in preventing a majority of medical conditions he managed as a physician. 

The basis of his strength training program comes from a unique system of analyzing a client’s movement pattern to establish safe and sustainable workouts.

He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the Functional Movement System (FMS 1&2), and completed an internship with Results Fitness University, Santa Clarita, California, consistently ranked among the top 10 gyms in the USA by Men’s & Women’s Health magazine. Rahul is also certified by Precision Nutrition (PN), a leading fitness nutrition system that has transformed the lives of over 100,000 clients world-wide.



Rhea is the head of marketing for Core Quest Fitness and encourages others to be healthy and active through the Core Quest Fitness social media channels. 

With a background in writing for film, Rhea is the creator of the upcoming Writers Wellness Program which will support and encourage all writers to pursue their writing goals with healthier lifestyles, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.