How to prepare for your workout.

Here are a few tools, tips and techniques that you will need for your strength and high intensity workout sessions. Click on the link to purchase the product from Amazon or the Perform Better website. With precise instruction and minimal equipment, you will gain the maximum results from your workout.


Mini Elastic Band

These mini-elastic bands have multiple applications to also help activate the core muscles.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks

We use yoga blocks to give you feedback on the position of your pelvis. This in turn helps keep your core activated with the correct low back and pelvic posture.


Hand Weights

A pair of dumbbells of your choice. Please choose a weight that is challenging for you. Remember the average handbag or laptop bag folks carry in their daily life is about 6-10 pounds.

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Kettle-Bell Convertor

 This simple handle with a clamp can convert any dumbbell of your choice into a kettlebell. There are many advantages to using a kettlebell both as a tool in rehabilitation and fitness from its uniquely shifted center of gravity.

AccuroLIVE Heart Rate Monitor

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The AccuroLIVE Heart Rate Monitor enables customization of interval training workouts based on your unique heart rate. Please purchase the device you find most comfortable and affordable (chest strap or arm band) . You will automatically get access to the AccuroLIVE app with your purchase.


Agility Ladder

The agility ladder is a great tool for cardiovascular training. It also improves agility & foot-eye-coordination which are vital for prevention of falls.

Pilates Ball

Stability Ball

The stability ball, as the name implies, is mainly used to build stability, and has multiple applications in fitness and rehabilitation. 

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Battle Rope

Great for high intensity interval training.

Gray Cook Band

The Gray Cook band is a piece of elastic tubing with 3 anchor points which can be attached to a door hinge or mounted hooks on a wall. Its versatile applications in exercise are exponentially increased because of the third anchor strap.

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Door Anchor

The door anchor is great for attaching resistance bands to the hinges of any door.